Water Wells

Industrial  |  Irrigation  |  Farm / Domestic  |  Dewatering 
Reinjection  |  Hot Water  |  Frost Protection

Water Wells in the Waikato is where it all began, in 1937; by the founder of the Brown Drilling organization - Nathanael Brown.

Brown Bros Drilling – design, drill & construct water wells in all types of geology, and can complete your entire project; from pilot holes, drilling, construction, development, submersible pump installation, and pump testing.

Drilling Methodologies include, mud and air rotary, Down Hole Hammer, and Case while you drill system (concentrix) all available in a variety of diameters to suit volumes.

With four generations of water well knowledge and an in depth data base to draw from, you can be assured that if the water is there, we will harness it.

  • Industrial Bores for factories
  • Irrigation Bores for market gardens and dairying
  • De-Watering Bores for Quarry and Mines
  • Re-Injection Wells for factory sites
  • Farm Bores
  • Lifestyle/Bach Bores
  • Pump Testing
  • Borehole grouting and decommissioning
  • Bore Rejuvenation