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The leaders in Water Wells, Mineral Exploration, Geotechnical, Environmental, and Horizontal drilling.

Kelly and Nathan Brown

Brothers Kelly and Nathan have recently taken over ownership of Brown Bros Drilling, from Graeme Brown, continuing a long tradition of drilling in the Brown family – 4th Generation drillers.

Kelly and Nathan will continue the tradition of great personal service and helpful drilling advice to ensure your project gets done. We wish to thank all our existing customers for your continued support.

Both Kelly and Nathan have worked their way up from the drill rig floor and are conversant in all major drilling methods. Kelly specialises in Water Wells and Mineral Exploration, while Nathan concentrates on Geotechnical, Environmental, and Horizontal drilling. 

Brown Bros Drilling prides itself on meeting industry standards and are affiliated with the following associations: 

NZDF Brown Bros Drilling    

 ADIA Brown Bros Drilling


What's New

    New Drill Rig - Mobile Drill B37X - Special Edition Exploration Series - arrives 8 January

    New Sullair Custom Compressor - 1050cfm/350psi


    3.5" Reverse Circulation Drill String


    Remote Controlled Track Frame


    New Model CPT Probe

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      Are we in your area?

      If we are in your area this week we can share the costs! 

      • Huntly - November 2016 - Exploration Drilling
      • Matamata - September 2016  - HQ Core Exploration
      • Matauri Bay - 28 November 2016 - Exploration Drilling
      • Colville - 8 November 2016 - 100mm Farm Bore
      • Whakatane - 17 October 2016 - 200mm Production Bore
      • Te Kaha - 21 November 2016 - 200mm Irrigation Bore
      • Hahei - 9 December 2016 - 100mm dia Water Bore remedial work
      • Rotorua - 23 January 2017 - 100mm dia Water Bore
      • Kaimais - 18 January 2017 - 100mm dia Water Bore
      • Te Kowhai - 18 January 2017 - 100mm dia Bore
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