Brown Bros Drilling have a proven track record in the energy industry, from Coal Gasification to Pre Collars, Plug and abandonment of old Oil/Gas Wells to Geothermal Re-Injection Wells. We have established a name for professionalism and Safety.

Some of our successful shallow energy projects are listed below:

Re-entering and Plug & abandon old oil/gas wells
New Plymouth, North Island.

UCG (Under ground coal gasification) completed
Coal Fields, North and South Island

Numerous Geothermal shallow wells, well work-over’s and Re-injection well
Wairakie & Ohaaki, Central Plateau region, North Island,

Stratographic oil/gas slim exploration hole
Black Water Valley, Murchison South Island.

Shallow gas exploration/test wells
Pokuri, Huihi, Inglewood & Kapuni Gas Station, Taranaki, North Island.

Pre-collar 17” casing  For Oil well Tuhua B site
Taranaki, North Island.