Direct Push

Direct push drilling

For superior soil sample recovery and speed Direct Push
drilling is the solution. 

The Direct Push drilling, sampling, and monitoring system is designed to fully core-sample shallow holes up to 20 metres depth.

We have two rubber track-mounted Geoprobe drill rigs available for your drilling and sampling needs.


The Advantages of Direct Push Sampling and Drilling: 

  • Superior sample quality and recovery        
  • Faster than conventional drill methods
  • Very fast drill & set up times
  • Small foot print on site
  • Little or no drilling cuttings to dispose of
  • Clean drill sites
  • Dry drilling = no water or air contamination
  • Core presented in air-tight clear plastic liners for logging and transportation
  • Full geotechnical sampled holes

How does Direct Push Drilling Work?

Push Drilling

Brown Bros Drilling offer three different Direct Push soil sample sizes: the large diameter DT45; the most commonly used DT325; and the smaller MC5 system.