Safety & Training

Brown Bros Drilling prides itself on our Environmental, Health & Safety, and Training standards. We recognise these standards as core values that are a key ingredient of our success. Our Safety Program, including our training, inspections, job safety analysis, and management leadership have been a part of our company for many years and enforced by the manager, Kelly Brown. Safety excellence not only adds quality to what we do in the field, it reveals the fundamental respect we have for our employees, clients and the public.

We are WSMP L2 accredited, and have recently passed our bi annual audit. All our systems are constantly being used, modified and updated.

We try to ensure all crews have the following external training:

  • Loss prevention Systems – LPS
  • Site Safe
  • Transit Level 1
  • First Aid
  • Forklift

Other external training includes:

  • Permit Receiver Training
  • Hazard ID
  • Operation Discipline – OD
  • Workplace Health & Safety
  • Risk Assessment Procedures

We also have many staff who have completed or are currently completing the DICAT course.