What's New

Fully Rebuilt Drill Rig - GEFCO 1250

This rig has been in our fleet since new, and we have just completed a ground up rebuild. Rig 14  is back in service and looking great

New Drill Rig - Mobile Drill B37X - Special Edition Exploration Series

Our new Mobile Drill B37X is manufactured in the United States of America and is a true multi-purpose drill rig. Capable of high speed  Wire Line coring to 350m to 400m HQ size (1,200 rpm), and high torque (over 10,000ft/lbs torque) Air Core, and Reverse Circulation drilling. 

The rig is designed with bulldozer tracks for very difficult access sites and has a very small foot print. 

Our B37X has the following safety features - Safety cage, hands free make and break rod clamps, wireless remote control for rig tramminig, 4 x E Stops, and a safety kill line all the way around the rig. 

Other rig features include; angle dump mast, main haul winch, wire line winch, triplex core pump with optional duplex mud pump, Moyno grout pump, foam injection pump, hammer oiler, and a rod tub on board.

New Sullair Custom Compressor - 1050cfm/350psi:

Our Sullair Custom Compressor is designed to be mounted on the deck of our U.D.R 650 and various other all-terrain vehicles in our extensive fleet. The compressor meets Australian Mine Site Safety Standards, with all the appropriate guarding, Emergency Stops, and exhaust heat shielding.

New 3.5" Reverse Circulation Drill String:

This drill string was purchased new and is designed to drill deeper than the 3" Reverse Circulation drill string, yet still maintain flexability by being used with light weight/limited access drill rigs. Capable of depths of up to 180m to 200m.


 Remote Controlled Track Frame:

We now have a new "Wireless Remote Controlled Track Frame" for our U.D.R 650 drill. The Wireless Remote Control was chosen over traditional cab-controlled track frames for the following reasons: safety while tramming difficult terrain; to keep the total weight of the drill rig down; and to keep as small a foot print as possible.


New Model C.P.T Probes:


We now have four new model Wireless NOVA ACCOUSTIC C.P.T Probes, from Geotech AB in Sweden, to run on our two Geoprobes. This means not only is the data you recieve more accurate, but there is also a back-up waiting to go.