SIMCO 5000 TR3

Difficult access exploration wire-line coring, reverse circulation, and air core rig. Also suited to geotechnical and environmental projects.


Drilling Methods

Wire-Line Core
Air Core
Reverse Circulation
Concentrix - casing overburden system
Mud and Air Rotary
Hollow Stem Auger
Geotechnical sampling

Angle Capacity On Board Air Capacity
Yes - 90º to 45º Dump Mast No
On Board Pumps
Triplex Core Pump, Injection Pump and Optional Duplex 4 x 5 Mud Pump
Width Weight on Truck
10,500 Kg
Depth Capacity  
HQTT = 250 Metres
3’’ Air Core and R.C = 100 Metres
4’’ Mud and Air Rotary = 250 Metres
8’’ O.D Hollow Stem Augers 40 metres
Special Features  
  • Hydraulic Foot Clamps
  • Hydraulic Break Out Wrench
  • Top Head Drive Off Hole
  • Sliding angle dump mast
Emergency Stops Yes x 2
Spill Kit Yes
Fire Extinguisher Yes x 2 x 9kg

First Aid Kit

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