Geoprobe 7720 DT

Rubber Track
Drilling Methods
Direct Push

Hollow Stem Auger

S.P.T and Push Tubes

Hollow Stem Auger
Geotechnical sampling  
Down Hole Hammer  
Angle Capacity On Board Air Capacity
Yes - 90º to 45º Dump Mast No
On Board Pumps
Wash Down Pump
Width Weight on Truck
1.58m 3,500 Kg loaded
Depth Capacity

Direct Push = DT325 = 20 Metres
MC5 = 30 Metres
C.P.T = 35 Metres
8'’ O.D Hollow Stem Augers = 20 Metres

Special Features
  • On board Decontamination Tank
  • Automatic S.P.T Hammer
Emergency Stops Yes x 2
Spill Kit Yes
Fire Extinguisher Yes x 2 x 9kg
First Aid Kit Yes