Gemco HP7

Fast drilling geotechnical and environmental rig, with a small foot print and very quick set up times.



4 x 4 Light Truck
Drilling Methods

Wire-Line Core
Concentrix - casing overburden system
Mud and Air Rotary
Hollow Stem Auger
Geotechnical sampling

Angle Capacity On Board Air Capacity
No No
On Board Pumps
Triplex Core Pump
Width Weight on Truck
1.7m 4,450 Kg

Depth Capacity  
HQTT = 65 Metres
4’’ Mud and Air Rotary = 75 Metres
8’’ O.D Hollow Stem Auger = 15 Metres
Special Features  
  • Hydraulic Foot Clamps
  • Top Head Drive Off Hole / Side Shift
  • Heli-portable / 4 - 5 loads


Emergency Stops Yes x 2

Spill Kit Yes

Fire Extinguisher Yes x 2 x 9kg

First Aid Kit Yes